​​A c c e s s o r y   R e t u r n   P o l i c y

Any accessory that comes in contact with the body (pillows, linens, comforters, protectors, etc.) are not returnable or refundable once the packaging is opened. This is a hygiene policy, much like buying socks. Pillow protectors are available to purchase for your pillow. If you purchase a protector, we will offer a seven day return window that allows you to test the pillow. You are able to return or exchange the pillow within those seven days.

M a t t r e s s   E x c h a n g e   P o l i c y

If after the first month of having your new mattress comfort issues arise, we will allow a one time comfort exchange. This requires a restocking fee of $200. The original cost of your first mattress will go toward the cost of your exchange. For example, If the second mattress you choose is more expensive than your original mattress, you will be required to pay the $200 restocking fee, as well as the difference. If the second mattress you choose is of lesser value than your original choice, you will only be required to pay the $200 restocking fee. 

We also offer a one time foundation switch. If the foundation you chose is too high/low, we are happy to switch it our for another foundation that meets your preference. We offer two sizes (4" or 9"). There is no price difference between these two heights. If you find you need something much lower, we also offer a "Bunky-Board" that is a 1.5" solid platform.

W a r r a n t y   P o l i c y

All of our mattresses come with a warranty card with brand specific information regarding what is covered. If you misplace your warranty card, you can simply go to our products page and click on the brand logo of your mattress and find the warranty information directly from the companies website. A common question in the industry is concerns of body impressions over time. Keep in mind, body impressions are normal. The materials in your mattress will compact over time. We suggest you turn your mattress from head-to-foot often, especially in the first year, to help those materials compact as evenly as possible. If you're experiencing larger than normal body impressions, give us a call and we can send someone to your home to take a measurement and pictures of your mattress, that will then be sent to the warranty department of the company to be approved. If your mattress is deemed appropriate for a warranty by the company, we will order a replacement free of charge.

L a y - a - w a y   P o l i c y

We offer layaway for any mattress or accessory needs. Your product(s) will not be delivered or given until we receive final payment. We are flexible with payment amount and frequency dependent on your preference. Consistency is appreciated, but we are always willing to work closely with you to ensure convenience. We do not offer financing at this time.

Layaway items are not guaranteed to be in stock at the time of final payment. We will not place the necessary order until final payment is received. If you would like to arrange/schedule your final payment ahead of time to ensure your product will be available within a certain time frame, please contact us.

F l o o r   M o d e l   P o l i c y

Floor samples or clearance mattresses cannot be returned or exchanged. They are sold "as is" and may have wear and tear from being lightly used on the sales floor. All sales are final.

A d j u s t a b l e   B a s e   P o l i c y

We do not offer returns or refunds for adjustable bases. All sales are final. If you have warranty issues or need replacement parts, please contact us for assistance. You will receive an owners manual containing instructions and warranty information with your adjustable.

F u r n i t u r e   P o l i c y

Furniture can not be returned or exchanged. Once the order is placed and processed we are unable to cancel or change the items purchased. If there is a manufacture defect or notable damage upon delivery, we will work with the company to get a replacement ordered. Once the furniture is delivered and assembled, please check for defects or damage. We are unable to process or honor most warranty issues after our delivery staff delivers and assembles your items. ​​​

F r e e   D e l i v e r y
We offer free delivery anywhere within Plumas County. Free delivery is included with any Mattress, foundation, or furniture purchase. This includes set up and assembly with most purchases. Some furniture assembly may require an additional fee. Delivery outside of Plumas County may require an additional fee based on distance.

F r e e   H a u l   A w a y / D r o p   O f f
Upon delivery of your new mattress, we will haul away any used and unwanted mattresses and/or foundations (only). In an effort to do our part, we have partnered with Bye Bye Mattress to help reduce our carbon footprint. Instead of dumping them in a landfill, we will recycle your mattress and/or foundation. If you aren't purchasing a new mattress, you can drop off your unwanted mattress and/or foundation during business hours.  Learn more here: 
Bye Bye Mattress

M O U N T A I N   M A T T R E S S   S E R V I C E S

M O U N T A I N   M A T T R E S S   P O L I C I E S