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​O U R   M I S S I O N

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Proudly Serving Plumas County Since 2015


​O U R   S T O R Y   

O U R   ​S E R V I C E S   

Mountain Mattress is committed to bringing quality products to Plumas County. We promise to do our best to provide what our customers want and need. We are proud to be a locally owned, family operated, small business located in the beautiful Lost Sierra of Northern California. We provide Plumas County with services and products that help improve the sleep, health, and overall  well-being  of our customers. We strive to give each guest an experience that is pressure free, informative, and comfortable. We promise to work closely with each client to ensure the process and purchase of each mattress and product is unique to the individual and focuses on their personal needs and preferences.  We strive to make this process relaxing and  stress  free. We truly believe  everyone  deserves  to  wake  up  rested  and  refreshed, ready to take on day. We are happy to be serving Plumas County, and we hope to continue helping our community improve on physical and mental health, through products that can promote sleep and help you get more of it  -  That's why we're here!

When you shop with us at Mountain Mattress, you’re receiving knowledge that has been passed down and amassed for over 55 years. Amy was raised in the mattress and furniture industry and has worked in retail for nearly 20 years. Her Father, Gary, has worked as a wholesale mattress and furniture sales rep. since 1965. He has serviced territories all over the United States and has imported furniture from all over the world, including Italy, South Africa, Central America, Asia, Brazil, and Mexico. At 80 years old, he is still working in the industry and is showing his daughter the ropes along the way. Believe it or not, Gary still goes out on the occasional delivery with Zach!

Amy and Zach are both transplants to the area. Amy was born and raised in Grass Valley, California, but grew up coming to Plumas County often as a child. Having a second home in Graeagle, Amy’s family frequented the area, enjoying the beautiful landscapes and outdoor activities. Some of her fondest memories include riding her bike in the Fourth of July Parade, going on trail rides at the Graeagle Stables, and enjoying a dipped cone from the Frostee after playing a round of mini golf. Zach is from Mendocino County and moved to Quincy in 2012, quickly falling in love with the Sierras. He was born in Ukiah, California, and grew up off-the-grid in Covelo. At the age of 14, his family moved to the coastal town of Mendocino. Zach has cultivated his love for woodworking and carpentry since a very young age by watching his Father, David, who has been a carpenter for over 50 years. Zach currently works as a finish carpenter and cabinet installer, and recently earned his contractors license in 2019 at the age of 26. Zach and David worked relentlessly, with the help of many local hands, collaborating together to restore and remodel the Quincy Location.

Shortly after meeting Zach in 2014, Amy decided to re-locate to Quincy and plant roots in Plumas County. Opening Mountain Mattress was a suggestion from her Father, Gary, who has serviced many successful small town furniture and mattress stores throughout his career. Although they thought success may be a long-shot, they decided to open their doors in 2015. They quickly discovered the need and demand for mattresses, accessories, and furniture in the area. After three years of renting a small space in downtown Quincy, they had the opportunity of buying the building that previously housed the famed Stoney’s Country Burger for generations.  They opened the doors to their permanent home and main location in Quincy in 2018, after nine months of remodeling. In 2021 Amy and Zach decided to open a second location in downtown Graeagle.  This new location has given them the opportunity to foster and expand on their vision, goals, and products for both stores, offering a relaxing atmosphere that showcases home goods and self-care items.

Amy has branded and transformed Mountain Mattress over the years from the ground up, with a lot of learning and growth along the way. Starting from humble beginnings as a small shop with only the basics for your bedroom, Mountain Mattress has gradually evolved into a one-stop-shop for your bedroom, home, and well-being. Mountain Mattress carries a collection of products that will enhance your bedtime routine and elevate every room in your home. Let us help you relax, feel pampered, and get the best night's sleep possible.  From our Mountain Mattress family to yours, we hope to have a positive impact on your home, the community, and or course, improve the sleep of our customers for years to come  -  We truly look forward to meeting you!