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        📍 11 Lindan Avenue, Quincy CA  

​             7 Days a week  10:00 - 5:00

   David  &  Janet

Zach,  Amy  &  Chloe

      Gary  &  Judy                                    

 We  now  have  two  locations  -  Visit  us  in  Quincy  &  Graeagle !

Bye Bye Mattress

​ It's  our  mission  to  provide  quality  brands  at  fair  prices

Proudly Serving Plumas County Since 2015

Q u i n c y  &  G r a e a g l e ,   C a l i f o r n i a

  Amy's parents                                                      zach's parents

Mountain Mattress opened in 2015 and is proud to be a local, family owned and operated, small business. We're located in the High Sierras, in Northern California. We provide Plumas County with services and products that help improve the sleep, health, and overall  well-being  of our community. We strives to give each guest an experience that is pressure free, informative, and comfortable. We promise to work closely with each customer to ensure the process and purchase of each mattress is unique to the individual and focuses on their personal needs and preferences.  We strive to make this process relaxing and  stress  free, and we  believe  everyone  deserve  to  wake  up  rested  and  refreshed - That's why we're here!