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"We want our customers to get a great deal, and a better nights sleep" ​ 

​ It  is  our  mission  to  help  our  friends,  family,  and  neighbors,

by  providing  quality  brands  at  reasonable  prices  

Mountain  Mattress  is  a  local,  family-owned  and  operated  business.  We  hope  to  cater to the needs of our community, by providing services and products that help to improve  sleep,  health,  and  overall  lifestyle. ​​

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Mountain Mattress strives to give each customer an experience that is pressure free, informative, and comfortable.  We promise to work closely with you to ensure the process and purchase of each mattress is personal to your preferences.  We want this process to   be  relaxing  and  stress  free.  We  believe  you  deserve  to  wake  up  rested  and  refreshed! 

  •  F R E E   D E L I V E R Y  and  set  up!

  •  F R E E   D R O P  O F F  of  any  old,  unwanted  mattress/set!

  •  F R E E   H A U L   A W A Y  of  any  old,  unwanted  mattress/set  upon delivery! 

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